Contrary to popular belief Sydney Road is a local road. Only 13% of traffic that starts at Bell Street makes it to Park Street towards the city. This makes sense because other routes are faster and less stressful for drivers.

sydney road google maps.png

During off peak times Sydney Road will move faster without on street parking. Improving parking off Sydney Road will reduce the traffic on Sydney Road significantly.

It's possible that during clearway times some excess traffic will be displaced onto Citylink, Lygon Street and Melville Road. Some drivers will choose to walk, cycle or tram instead. Transurban is currently adding extra lanes to Citylink, improving capacity by 30% through Moreland. This money will be wasted if it cannot be used to improve the lives of those who live in and around Citylink. 

Traffic on local streets will be minimal because no local streets travel parallel to Sydney Road for a significant distance. We fully supports the Ewing St campaign to calm traffic on side streets. 

Revitalise Sydney Road is in discussions with VicRoads about commissioning a comprehensive traffic study into how the plan will effect traffic. Only with good evidence can we say for sure how this will change the traffic network