Traffic metering will make sure trams move faster down Sydney Road

Tram speeds on Sydney Road are some of the slowest on the network. During the day trams can travel as slow as 7km/h. Trams are slowed by poor signalling giving priority to cars and heavy traffic on Sydney Road, rather than local traffic.

The population of Brunswick and Coburg is forecast to increase markedly over the next 20 years. If nothing is done we will be left with gridlock. Previous governments have introduced clearways to make traffic move. But two lanes of traffic destroy the vibrancy of the street. One lane of traffic should be kept with traffic gating to keep trams moving.

Revitalise Sydney Road will speed up trams on by limiting on street parking and traffic metering

Traffic metering

Traffic meters let the traffic lights know that the tram is coming so that no cars are allowed to block the road ahead. By gating when cars can enter Sydney Road from other streets, trams will always have a clear road.

You don't need any special technology for traffic metering, but the government is already trialling it using GPS technology. You can read about the government's trial here

Revitalise Sydney Road is pushing for VicRoads to perform a traffic investigation study to find out how this solution could work for Sydney Road. The only other alternative is gridlock. 


Limiting on street parking

On street car parking slow down trams in two ways.

  • Cars reverse parking block trams and other traffic.
  • Cars circle up and down Sydney Road looking for a free on street park rather than paying for off street parking.

By limiting on street parking more drivers will be able to access Sydney Road without driving up and down the street. Cars will not be able to slow trams reverse parking.